ESS and OS X

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Wed Nov 27 20:00:48 CET 2002

>>>>> "kieran" == Kieran Healy <kjhealy at> writes:

    kieran> Will ESS run under Macintosh OS X? Right now I use Emacs/Latex/R/ESS
    kieran> under Linux, and I'd like to replicate my work environment on a new
    kieran> Powerbook. I know that Latex will work, that R will compile, and that
    kieran> Carbon/Aqua (not sure of the difference there) versions of Emacs are
    kieran> available now, with full support on the way in Emacs 21.4. This just
    kieran> leaves ESS --- is it a straightforward install? Is there anything
    kieran> special that needs to be done?

If you install an X11 server (i.e. XDarwin or the OroborusX
windowmanager/X server combo), it'll be pretty much identical; you can
get XEmacs or Emacs this way using fink (  


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