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Fri Nov 22 15:18:16 CET 2002

>>>>> "christian" == Christian Hoffmann <christian.hoffmann at> writes:

    christian> Does anybody have experience with running pari from
    christian> inside Xemacs equipped with ESS?

This is the first I've heard...

We need to document how to add custom languages somewhere, but
probably the best guide would be the essd-omg.el and essl-omg.el files
-- rename to essd-pari.el, essl-pari.el and think about how they
should be changed (I picked those, because they seem to be the
simplest versions).  (I've done it recently for scipy, the interactive
python language, but havn't added it to the repository).

Compare the essd-pari files with essd-r, for some idea of what things
mean (and feel free to post for assistance, if you decide to take on
the task!).


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