Starting an S Process with Arguments

David Brahm brahm at
Thu Nov 21 16:38:34 CET 2002

Ed Kademan <kademan at> wrote:
> How does one start an S process with arguments?  I am using GNU Emacs
> 21.1.1 and Splus6 on Solaris and want to run "Splus6 -j".  I have
> tried putting
>   (setf inferior-S+6-args "-j")
> in my .emacs and starting S by typing "M-x S+6" but this doesn't work.

You could try this line instead:

  (custom-set-variables '(inferior-ess-start-args "-j"))

I think it has the minor disadvantage of passing "-j" to R as well (if you use
both S-Plus and R), but fortunately R ignores it.
                              -- David Brahm (brahm at

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