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Thu Nov 7 11:38:51 CET 2002


I would like to use Xemacs with John Fox's 
configuration files as per 
I believe that I have followed the instructions in
but I need help with a Xemacs Warning that occurs when
I load a file with the extension *.Rnw or *.nw into Xemacs.
e.g. if I load the sample Rnw file in 

The warning is
"(1) (local-variables/warning) File local-variables error: 
Symbol's value as variable is void: noweb-font-lock-mode"

Apart from the warning, everything seems to work
as per the doucmentation except that the ESS 
menu option is not visible when in a *.Rnw buffer
and the usual command dont work 
e.g. pressing the R toolbar buttons works
but C-c C-n to send a line into R is 'not defined'.

I looked for "noweb-font-lock-mode" in xemacs,
and found it in 
(I have installed all of the packages with Xemacs.)
> cd c:/etc/xemacs
> grep -r "noweb-font-lock-mode" *.*
c:\etc\xemacs>grep -r "noweb-font-lock-mode" *.* 
provides (ess-batch ess-comp ess-cust ess-dump ess-emcs 
ess-font-lock ess-help ess-inf ess-iw32 ess-latex-mode 
ess-menu ess-mode ess-mous ess-noweb ess-site 
ess-sysdp ess-utils ess-vars ess essa-r essa-sas essd-arc 
essd-els essd-r essd-omg essd-r essd-s3 essd-s4 essd-sas 
essd-sp3 essd-sp4 essd-sp5 essd-sp6 essd-sta essd-vst 
essd-xls essddr essdsp6w essl-bug essl-lsp essl-omg 
essl-py essl-s essl-sas essl-sta make-regexp mouseme 
msdos noweb-font-lock-mode noweb-mode)
setup.log.full:Installing file 
setup.log.full:Installing file 

The file 'xemacs\xemacs-packages\lisp\ess\noweb-font-lock-mode.el'
;;  To use it, you must add 
;;  (require noweb-font-lock-mode) to your .emacs file. 
But setting this in ...\.xemacs\.init.el file didnt help.

I searched my .xemacs folder but found nothing.
> cd p:/.xemacs
> grep -r "noweb-font-lock-mode" *.*
p:\.xemacs>grep -r "noweb-font-lock-mode" *.* 

Using 'M-x noweb-describe-mode' within Xemacs
I get a help buffer but it doesnt mention
noweb-font-lock-mode as an option.

I also tried removing 'noweb-font-lock-mode.el'
and 'noweb-font-lock-mode.elc' from
'...\xemacs\xemacs-packages\lisp\ess' but
this had no effect.

If I remove the first line of
i.e. '% -*- mode: noweb; noweb-default-code-mode: R-mode; -*-'
then the error goes away but I dont see the ess
buffer anymore.

My feeling is that I have a basic mistake but I cant see it.
Can anyone help, please?

(I am on NT4 with R 1.6.1, Xemacs 21.4 (April 2001])
with all the packages installed.)



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