draft docu and configuration for R with ESS+XEmacs under Windows

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Fri Nov 1 09:08:23 CET 2002

>>>>> "John" == John Fox <jfox at mcmaster.ca>
>>>>>     on Thu, 31 Oct 2002 18:40:12 -0500 writes:

    John> Generally, I agree that it's desirable to make things
    John> as platform and specific-emacs independent as
    John> possible, but my goal was to do something a bit more
    John> limited: provide a simple configuration for ESS R
    John> users under Windows.

    John> I expect that almost everything will work, with some
    John> tweaking, with Xemacs under Unix, but that GNU Emacs
    John> will be a problem because of the toolbar definition. 

But GNU emacs has toolbars too and, e.g. "VM" the E-mail system
we are using has its own toolbar both for GNU emacs and Xemacs.

I agree that I'd like to make this work on both ASAP, but also
agree that we should add John's Xemacs-only code for now, and
then we (ESS-core mainly) learn from VM how to do toolbars that
work both on GNU and Xemacs.

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    John> I hasten to add that I'm an ESS neophyte, and would be
    John> delighted to see someone more experienced improve on
    John> what I've done.

    John> Regards,
    John> John

    John> At 12:40 PM 10/31/2002 -0800, you wrote:
    >> >>>>> "rich" == Rich Heiberger <rmh at surfer.sbm.temple.edu> writes:
    rich> I would like the documenation to be applicable to GNU emacs as 
    >> well as Xemacs.
    rich> The specific issue is the gnuclient is correct for NTemacs (the 
    >> GNU emacs
    rich> for Windows).
    rich> more generally, on unix machines I have used emacsclient.
    rich> This is a place where we need to program for dependence on the 
    >> environment.
    >> Rich -
    >> Give John a break.  If you want it to be written for NTEmacs, there
    >> will have to be a good bit more changed.
    >> I'm sure you'll contribute the changes, right?
    >> best,
    >> -tony

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