tool bar for ESS [R] editing modes?

Martin Maechler maechler at
Tue Jun 11 10:18:48 CEST 2002

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Gerds <gerds at> writes:

    Thomas> rossini at (A.J. Rossini) writes:
    >> In fact, I've got code for the SAS toolbar for XEmacs,
    >> which I need to integrate.  Stephen, if you like, I'll
    >> send that to you...

    Thomas> if that is the code i gave you one year ago, there
    Thomas> are colleagues working (better mousing) with it. i
    Thomas> have to admit two things: 1. i wasnt very fluent
    Thomas> writing elisp these days and 2. major part was
    Thomas> stolen from vm-toolbar.

Apropos:  We should definitely learn from "vm" on how to 
	  consistenly make the toolbar work with
	GNU Emacs 21.x (and later)
and	Xemacs    21.x (and later)

    Thomas> indeed, it is not hard to get a toolbar that does
    Thomas> things like

(good to hear).
Thank you, Tomy and Tony (;-)

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