problem / latest upgrade/ /loading using C-c C-l

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Mon Feb 25 19:11:54 CET 2002

There is a bug.  I confirmed it on my machine.  From the behavior it
looks like C-c C-d is creating the dump file correctly and marking
the mode-line to show the file associated with the *R* process.  It seems
not to actually making the association, just marking the mode-line.

The workaround is to do the association yourself.  Type
C-c C-s
You will be prompted for an open ESS process, R itself if that is the
only open one.  Press RET if the prompt is correct, or change it if
not.  You will then be attached.

Meanwhile we will track down the place where the association isn't done
correctly and repair it.

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