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Try placing something like this in your ~/.emacs

(setq Info-directory-list (cons "C:/Emacs/Emacs21.1/site-lisp/ess-5.1.20/doc" 

Note that you either have to use \\ or / as your directory character on Windows.


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>Hi there,
>how do we get Info to work with the ESS info files?
>I just downloaded the 5.1.20 version of ESS.  I use ESS every day, all the
>time and would like the be able to access the Info files through the Emacs
>Info system, I never succeded using Info with any versions of ESS.  ESS is
>installed in: C:\Emacs\Emacs21.1\site-lisp\ess-5.1.20 and here is what I
>1) In Emacs, I setted the variable "Info-enable-edit" to "t".
>2) C-h i, to get to the Info system
>3) Then e, to enable edit.
>4) Went to the end of the Directory node
>5) Added the line "* ESS:                c:
>6) Saved the Directory node under C:\Emacs\Emacs-21.1\info\dir
>7) C-c C-c, to get out of edition mode
>8) q to get out of Info
>9) Set the variable "Info-enable-edit" to "nil".
>Then going back to Info to the new ESS node and hitting <enter> gives the
>following error:
>"No such anchor in tag table or node in tag table or file: C:
>Any ideas?  Thanks,
>Gérald Jean
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