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Lorenz Gygax gygax at
Wed Feb 6 14:50:55 CET 2002

Dear all,

I would like to work with R using ESS. (Unfortunately?) I need to do this
on a windows machine (Windows2000).

I have got the most recent version of R/emacs/ESS and it seems that I
could install them correctly. The M-x R is recognized in the emacs but
obviously it can not find the Rterm command. I can not use the command
Rterm in a command window either (except if it is in the current
directory). Thus, it seems that I did not conduct the path specification

I have looked around in the archives but did not find an answer. In the
installation readme it says: "On Windows NT/2000, add the directories to
the PATH using the MyComputer menu." But can any one enlighten me what the
MyComputer menu is? (Possibly using some kind of description as my Windows
is in German.)

Many thanks and regards, Lorenz Gygax (Ifi, Univ. of Zurich, Switzerland)

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