Echoing behaviour in Emacs 21.1.1

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Fri Feb 1 23:38:03 CET 2002

Yes, emacs 21 changed some definitions and we had to respond.

The changes are in ess-5.1.20 (real soon now).  Until then,

Place the following in your .emacs, immediately after
(require 'ess-site)
(load-file "ess-site.el")


(defun inferior-R-input-sender (proc string)
  ;; REALLY only for debugging: this S_L_O_W_S D_O_W_N   [here AND below]
  ;;(ess-write-to-dribble-buffer (format "(inf..-R-..): string=«%s»; " string))
  ;; rmh: 2002-01-12 catch page() in R
  (let ((help-string (or (string-match inferior-R-1-input-help string)
			 (string-match inferior-R-2-input-help string)))
	(page-string     (string-match inferior-R-page         string)))
    (if (or help-string page-string)
	(let* ((string2 (match-string 2 string))
	       (string2-rt (concat string2 ".rt")))
	  ;; (ess-write-to-dribble-buffer (format " new string=«%s»\n" string2))
	  (if (looking-at inferior-ess-primary-prompt)
		(insert-before-markers string)) ;; emacs 21.0.105 and older
	    (delete-backward-char 1))           ;; emacs 21.0.106 and newer
	  (if page-string
		(ess-command (concat string2 "\n")
			     (get-buffer-create (concat string2 ".rt")))
		(ess-eval-linewise "\n")
		(switch-to-buffer-other-window string2-rt)
	     (if (string= string2 "") "help" string2))
	    (ess-eval-linewise "\n")))
      ;; else:  normal command
      (inferior-ess-input-sender proc string))))

In case you actually want to know what happened, the relevant change is in
the lines marked
;; emacs 21.0.106 and newer

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