Echoing behaviour in Emacs 21.1.1

Brett Presnell presnell at
Fri Feb 1 21:04:38 CET 2002

I know that there was some discussion back in November on
comint-process-echoes between Rodney Sparapani and Martin Machler, but
I don't if this is related.

Anyway, running ESS-5.1.19, GNU Emacs-21.1.1, and R-1.4.1 my R
commands are echoed back to me regardless of the value of
comint-process-echoes or ess-eval-visibly-p.  I'm pretty sure that
this is an Emacs-21 issue and not dependent on versions of ESS and R.

Any clues?

Brett Presnell
Department of Statistics
University of Florida
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