Bug report: completion problem with S-Plus.

Bo Peng bpeng at stat.rice.edu
Sun Aug 25 03:59:22 CEST 2002


I have reported this problem when I was using ess-5.1.20... it seems
that 5.1.24 solves part of it.

My system is emacs 20.7.2 + Splus 6.0 release 1, Solaris 2.6.

When I start S-Plus, 

I type, say,

    vector = c(1,2)



ESS prints a long list of objects, like

  [1] ".First.lib"                "ACF"                      
  [3] "ACF.gls"                   "ACF.lme"                  
  [5] "AIC"                       "AIC.gls"                  
  [7] "AIC.lm"                    "AIC.lmList"               
  [9] "AIC.lme"                   "AIC.logLik"               
 [11] "AIC.nls"                   "Alfalfa"                  
 [13] "Assay"                     "BIC"                      
 [15] "BIC.gls"                   "BIC.lm"                   
 [17] "BIC.lmList"                "BIC.lme"                  
 [19] "BIC.logLik"                "BIC.nls"                  
 [21] "BodyWeight"                "CO2"                      
 [23] "Cephamadole"               "ChickWeight"              
 [25] "DNase"                     "Dialyzer"                 
 [27] "Dim"                       "Dim.corSpatial"           


and then give the completion. (5.1.20 even fails to complete the word)
This only happends the first time when I use completion.


1. I have run ess-create-object-name-db and ess-sp6-namedb.el has been
2. R does not have this problem.

Bo Peng
Department of Statistics
Rice University.
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