ESS 5.1.23 -- version no. problem (only) --> Release of 5.1.24

Martin Maechler maechler at
Thu Aug 8 12:16:52 CEST 2002

>>>>> "PaCo" == Patrick Connolly <p.connolly at>
>>>>>     on Thu, 8 Aug 2002 09:38:31 +1200 writes:

  |> New Features
  |> ============
  |>    Changes/New Features in 5.1.23:
  |>    * The version number is now correct even inside ESS/Emacs

    PaCo> I seemed to have missed something there.  When I start with M-x R,
    PaCo> I get a message about getting help for version 5.1.21

    PaCo> yet, puzzling to me, the ESSDIR/ess-VERSION/VERSION
    PaCo> file indicates that the version is 5.1.22.  Until now,
    PaCo> I've been using 5.1.19, so the problem can't be
    PaCo> because of reading "old" files.

    PaCo> Is that just me or is something not quite tidied up there?

As Tony Rossini has already answered, it was our not your fault.
I feel very sheepish because I only fixed half of the Makefile bug 
that lead to the wrong version number in 5.1.22.

This has lead me to release again -- for all who have net yet
downloaded 5.1.23. Note that 5.1.23 and 5.1.24 have only Makefile and Version
numbering changes compared with 5.1.22 (which was silently released on Aug.6).

If you *have* 5.1.22 or .23 you might 
just edit the  version string on line 126 of file lisp/ess-cust.el
and change "5.1.21" to the proper number of your corresponding version.

>> Getting the Latest Version
>> ==========================
>>    The latest stable version of ESS is always available on the web at:
>> ESS web page ( 
>> or {a bit later} at StatLib (

As Tony has said at earlier occasions, you might consider these
releases as pre-release steps towards 5.2.x ..

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