"defadvice" solved, new problem with help

Liaw, Andy andy_liaw at merck.com
Mon Apr 29 19:04:00 CEST 2002


Thanks for the advice.  Yes, modifying the distribution files can lead to
nightmare down the road, e.g., when upgrading either ESS itself or hardware.


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> I am glad you solved it so easily.
> There is one more detail I would like you to do.  Please do not
> change any of the ess file, in this case essd-r.el!  We made them
> all read-only except for ess-site.el.
> User or site changes should only be made in ess-site.el, or 
> even better,
> in your own .emacs file.  This keeps the ESS package unambiguous and
> protects you from upgrades.
> I recommend that you add the following lines to your .emacs
> (add-hook 'ess-transcript-mode-hook
>   (lambda () (setq inferior-ess-primary-prompt "[A-Za-z0-9.:]*> ")))
> (add-hook 'inferior-ess-mode-hook
>   (lambda () (setq inferior-ess-primary-prompt "[A-Za-z0-9.:]*> ")))
> and restore essd-r.el to the distribution version.
> Rich

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