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Andrew Robinson andrewr at
Wed Apr 24 23:52:41 CEST 2002


thanks for your patience with my line of questioning.

>Move the cursor to the end of the buffer with M-> or with the mouse.
>then enter
>   telnet mymachine
>you will be prompted for loginname and password.

My apologies.  I did not mention earlier that I'm using ssh rather than 
telnet, because when I type telnet I get

Signal 127

(Rich, what version of telnet are you using?)

When I use ssh then I can't use M-x send-invisible; it says "Current buffer 
has no process", however it prompts for the password with "Non-echoed text" 
in the buffer so perhaps it's defaulting to send-invisible?

>What does it mean to say
> > Trying to telnet seems to connect, but after being prompted for the
> > password nothing happens.

It means that I hear nothing from the other computer.  I can get a ssh or a 
telnet session going outside XEmacs, so I don't think that's the 
problem.  XEmacs doesn't freeze.  If I hit return often it scrolls down the 


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