ess-5.1.20 and Schapter creation

Jeff Mincy jeff at
Thu Apr 11 03:34:20 CEST 2002

On 10 Apr 2002, rossini at wrote:

>>>>>> "brett" == Brett Presnell <presnell at> writes:
>    <-- a clear summary of the problem -->
>     brett> BTW, Tony, I can't find Joseph Collins's message in the archive, which
>     brett> only goes up to 2002-03-26 (I assume you mean the archive at the
>     brett> Zurich ETH site).
> It was dated April 4th.
> We'll have to put this on the list of things to do, I think.  It's a
> nasty problem, but I'm sort of stuck in that I've not got a running
> version of S-PLUS 6 on my "common-use" machines.  I should make a plug
> that this IS NOT Insightful's problem -- they've supplied me with a
> copy, thank you Insightful!
> It is my problem, in that I'm running short on time these days...
> Sigh...  anyone want to sponsor a grad student or programmer to work
> on ESS? 

I believe that this issue relates to ess-splus-directory-function

The problem is that the 5.1.20 implementation of this feature does
not allow the default-directory to be overridden correctly.

If this is the problem, then the problem isn't nasty, but there are

We need to discuss this further on the ess bugs or core mailing list.

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