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>Dear all,
>I've got a nice options in emacs(20.7)-ess(5.1.19) under win98 (it's a
default), which highlights a closing parenthesis and its opening companion
(ehm...horrible english?!). I find it useful but I don't have it under
emacs(20.7)-ess(5.1.19) under debian/linux.
>Any suggestion?

I believe parentheses highlighting is an Emacs feature (i.e., not added by
ESS). Under Windows NT 4.0 with Emacs 20.7, I added the following line in
my .emacs file:

	(show-paren-mode 1)                   ; parentheses highlighting

So, you can surely do the same under Linux. I also use ESS under Solaris
with XEmacs 21.x (I don't remember the exact version number), and the
parentheses highlighting can be switched on/off with the menu.

Hope this helps.

Emmanuel Paradis

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