make-regexp was not provided

A.J. Rossini rossini at
Wed Oct 10 15:46:41 CEST 2001

>>>>> "DB" == Douglas Bates <bates at> writes:

    DB> I have installed ess from the Debian testing distribution on
    DB> my laptop as well as on various desktop computers.  On the
    DB> desktops I can run it without difficulty under GNU emacs 20.
    DB> On the laptop every time I start emacs-20 with (require
    DB> 'ess-site) in my ~/.emacs I get the error message "Required
    DB> feature make-regexp was not provided."

    DB> I can see that make-regexp.elc is available in
    DB> /usr/share/emacs20/site-lisp/ and loading it by hand allows me
    DB> to complete loading of ess-site.  I haven't been able to
    DB> figure out why it is not loaded automatically.  This may be
    DB> specific to Debian but, if so, I am not sure why it works on
    DB> my desktop systems and not on my laptop systems.

    DB> I see the following comment in ess-site.el

    DB> ;;; 4. As of 5.1.19, a new and improved syntax highlighting
    DB> scheme for .sas and .log ;;; files is available (press f10 to
    DB> toggle between modes in .log).  If you are ;;; using XEmacs
    DB> v. 20.x, then you need this as well, since it works around a
    DB> ;;; problem with make-regexp.el.  Uncomment the next line for
    DB> this feature: ;;;(setq ess-sas-run-make-regexp nil)

    DB> Is this something to which I should alert the Debian ess
    DB> maintainer?

I'm seeing this occassionally on installed Debian systems.  One
solution was to upgrade to 5.1.19-1 (from 5.1.18-3).  Sometimes it
works, sometimes not.

One solution (sometimes) was to purge and reinstall...

I don't understand it, either.


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