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Thomas Gerds gerds at
Wed Oct 10 15:35:49 CEST 2001

Jeff Mincy <jeff at> writes:

>    From: Thomas Gerds <gerds at>
>    Date: 10 Oct 2001 13:41:45 +0200
>    hi, 
>    i have two questions concerning the behavior of the command
>      comint-previous-matching-input-from-input
>    if called from the inferior-ess-buffer (splus or r) ...
>    1. how can i enlarge this number of history-items (currently 31)?
>       changing the variable comint-input-ring-size did not help!
> You need comint-input-ring-size set before you start up the S+ buffer.
> So, put (setq-default comint-input-ring-size 5000) in your .emacs

this works now ... thank you!

>    2. commands that were send by ess-eval from a different buffer,
>       *.s, say, can not be retrieved. how can i force these to be added
>       to the corresponding input-ring?
> For the most part, I would think that you would not want
> the ess-eval (buffer/region/function) being added to the history.
> What type of eval commands did you want added?
> -jeff

you are right, if the code is long, longer than 10 lines, say, it
would not be convenient to store it in the input-ring ... on the other
hand, very short commands (shorter than 2 characters) are (by default)
not added even if typed directly after the inferior-ess prompt.

thus it would be nice to have a variable that controls the maximum
length (characters or lines) of commands (code) that should be added
to the input-ring if send by ess-eval. such a variable would even be
usefull for code that is transported to the inferior-ess prompt on
a different way, e.g. by copy-and-paste.

thanks for your help!


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