Creating '_' in S/R modes

Brett Presnell presnell at
Fri Oct 5 21:10:43 CEST 2001

In message <5429125E11E4D411AF7300805FE603A8014CEEAB at> you write:
> Yes, in looking through the source code I saw the C-q _ solution.  I would
> still prefer for "_" "_" to get translated to "_" so that I don't have to
> hit another control sequence.  For one thing, it would be a lot easier to
> explain (and remember) for newbies.

I disagree.  If a newbie learns that C-q (quoted-insert) is a sort of
Emacs escape for special characters and whatnot, then they've learned
something that generalizes.  I would actually favor keeping the
current behaviour and not adding any other workarounds (but being sure
to advertise C-q loudly in the docs, FAQ, etc.), because I think you
would be doing new users a favor.  As Doug Bates once wrote somewhere,
one of the great things about emacs is that it continues to reward

Brett Presnell
Department of Statistics
University of Florida
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