signal STOP on win98

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Fri Mar 23 16:36:58 CET 2001

>>>>> "db" == david beede <david.beede at> writes:

    db> Tony -- Are there other good reasons for R users to install a
    db> cygwin shell?  A search of the ESS 5.1.18 documentation found
    db> mention of cygwin in only one file (README.SPLUS4WIN); does
    db> that apply to R as well?

Thats a good question.  The common answer is "to have a unix
environment", and respectable signal handling is part of this; though
cygwin doesn't make it as good as unix, it tries.

However, that isn't necessarily as good thing, depending on the person
(I'll stick my seriously-pro-unix environment biases out the window
for a bit).  Also, it doesn't necessarily translate into being able to
stop under Microsoft OSs, as Stefano notes. 

I think it might be possible to do this if one uses R and XEmacs both
compiled under Cygwin, but this is a non-supported conjecture.  I hope
to have data and evidence at some point very soon.


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