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>>>>> "GS" == Graham Smith <myotis at> writes:

    GS> In-Reply-To: <871ysau3yo.fsf at> Tony,

    GS> Just as a brief follow up on my last question, will this new
    GS> version give full support for R in XEmacs for Windows. I am
    GS> led to believe that currently ESS doesn't support (or fully
    GS> support)XEmacs for Windows.

    >> We've got a "schism" of sorts with the core developers -- I use
    >> XEmacs and Linux nearly exclusively,

    GS> Does that mean that XEmacs, ESS and R work in Linux?

Yes!  It's always worked.  I've NEVER used ESS with Emacs under _UNIX_
for data analysis (never = in the last 3-4 years), except for
verifying that the code doesn't barf with Emacs.

It's just under Microsoft Windows that process-connections don't seem
to work right.

    GS> I get a bit confused with the differences between the two
    GS> platforms. Even more confused recently as I am now running a
    GS> Windows and a Linux box. The latter for a just over a week so
    GS> I am especially confused at the moment.

2-way designs (Emacs/XEmacs; Microsoft/Unix) are tricky in this
context :-).


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