ESS and R ver 1.3.0/ graph menu/ save PDF

S.McClatchie s.mcclatchie at
Fri Jun 29 06:38:47 CEST 2001

 "SM" == S McClatchie <S.McClatchie> writes:
>     SM> I notice that the new option under R ver. 1.3.0 to save a
>     SM> graph as a pdf file from the graph window menu (file/ save as/ SM>
>     PDF) works differently (extremely slowly) under ESS, whereas SM> it is
>     almost instant from the R- gui.
>     SM> Does the feature not work with ESS or am I doing something
>     SM> incorrectly?
On 28 Jun 01,, A.J. Rossini wrote (re: Re: ESS and R ver 1.3.0/ graph menu/ save PDF): 
> This sounds like an R problem, not an ESS problem -- what commands are you
> using from the command-line to make it work?
> Please provide an example (are you doing something like:
>         pdf("filename")
>         plot(x,y)

> best,
> -tony
Thanks for that Tony,

The command line works fine, just as you point out. I was using the 
menu bar on the graph which looks the same as the RGui even though I 
always use ESS. I guess the simple answer is don't use the Rgui 
facilities when you are running R under ESS. Simple enough.



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