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>>>>> "ESVG" == Eric S Van Gyzen <eric at> writes:

    ESVG> ESS Users, I am a Unix systems administrator who has just
    ESVG> moved to a Statistics department.  Many of the users use
    ESVG> emacs and ESS, and I am not very familiar with either.

Welcome to the world of statistical computing!

    ESVG> One of the faculty has asked me how to pass command-line
    ESVG> arguments to S-PLUS (version 5, I think) using ESS.  Does
    ESVG> anyone have a suggestion?  I tried adding them to the
    ESVG> inferior-S+5-program-name variable, but as I suspected, they
    ESVG> weren't interpreted by emacs as arguments.

The fast answer:  take a look at the lisp code for R, i.e. 

        (defun R .... )

in the file .../lisp/essd-r.el in the ESS distribution, and copy it to
something like

        (defun Duke-S ...)

in the file .../lisp/essd-sp5.el;  You want to use the variables in
the Sp5 version, but you want the structure of the R command.

At this point, you can simply do something like:
        C-u M-x S+5 
and it'll prompt you for arguments.

The long answer -- wait for us to do the above, but it might take a
bit of time (or not, I don't know...).

If you have questions on the "fast way", post and we'll (I'll?)  help.


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