Help: R, Emacs, and ESS in Macintosh

A.J. Rossini rossini at
Sun Jun 3 22:59:33 CEST 2001

Hello!  Thanks for the first report I've seen of ESS/Emacs on Mac OS.

I didn't know that Emacs on OS 9 handled subprocesses?   This needs to
be checked/verified.

Can you do anything like:
        M-x shell ?

Is there an Rterm.exe on the Mac?

If not, we'd have to figure out if R on Mac OS (>=9.x) uses anything
like COM/OLE to communicate (I'm pretty sure it did/does, but also
sure that it wasn't COM/OLE/DDE); this would be in analogy to the
Emacs Splus 2k direct connection.

>>>>> "YP" == Youngser Park <parky at> writes:

    YP> Hi!  I'm using R 1.2.3, Emacs 20.6, and ESS 5.1.18 on my
    YP> Powerbook G3 running OS 9.0.4.

    YP> I followed the instruction of ESS (I byte-compiled all the
    YP> *.el files by hand), but I'm getting message whenever I type
    YP> "M-x R":

    YP> "Symbol's function definition is void: get-process"

    YP> Did I do something wrong with an installation? Has anyone who
    YP> is using a Mac successfully installed this? I've been using R
    YP> with Alpha editor and it works fine together, but I really
    YP> want to go back to Emacs.

    YP> Thanks in advance.

    YP> - Youngser

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