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Thu Aug 30 04:21:59 CEST 2001

Hi all

I running emacs 20.7.1 on a windoze 95 machine (I run linux at home but am
not able to here at work, worst luck).  I am using ESS-5-1-19 to run R
version 1.3.0 as a sub--process under emacs.  I seem to have mostly got
things up and running, however I am encountering some interesting behaviour
associated with object name completions when running R.  I have followed the
instructions contained within the ESS "README" file on how to build the
object name database, however everytime I use name completion (via my tab
key), emacs takes a very long time to find and return all possible object
name completions.  It appears that the object name database is being rebuild
each time.  I wondered if anybody else had experienced this behaviour, and
if anybody could suggest a fix etc.


Michael Manning

Michael J. Manning
Information Analyst
Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd
PO Box 50-348
Tel: 04 914 0700
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