Problem with ESS on a Win98 System using R

A.J. Rossini rossini at
Thu Aug 16 22:08:26 CEST 2001

ESS 5.0 is rather ancient (I believe we released it around the time I
left South Carolina).  Please try 5.1.19, which while not
perfect, is more perfect for the modern versions of Emacs and R that
you mention.

You shouldn't be creating .RHistory or .Data.   .Data is not required
nor needed in this case.  .RHistory would be created by Emacs/ESS, so
you should not need to create it either.

>>>>> "MR" == Mubdi Rahman <mubdirahman at> writes:

    MR> Hi there.  I've been having a bit of a problem in my attempts
    MR> at using ESS 5.0 with R 1.3.0 on NTEmacs 20.7.1. I have a
    MR> properly installed configuration of R, and of Emacs. I've
    MR> followed the instructions in the installation of ESS 5.0, and
    MR> I've attempted to run it with R using the command "M-x
    MR> R". I've used the home directory as "C:\Emacs" each time, and
    MR> I get the error that it cannot find the file/directory
    MR> ".rhistory". I've attempted to create, both the directory
    MR> ".data" as mentioned in the ESS manual, and also the directory
    MR> ".rhistory". Both of which have left me to no avail. I was
    MR> wondering if anyone knew a way out of this problem, or better
    MR> yet, would be able to explain what this problem is? Thank you.

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