Help for ESS for Splus6 in Linux

Hou, Kevin Kevin_Hou at
Wed Aug 15 17:40:18 CEST 2001

Thanks for the help. When I issue M-x S I still get the message " searching
for program: no such file or directory, Splus6"

Now I have a more limited goal. How can I make ESS (limited to automatic
indentation and colors, not the inferior process) work when I call up emacs
within Splus using fix? 

When I issue the commend "fix(test.s)" in Splus, an emacs window pops out
but does not have ESS. Then I do a M-x S, I get a prompt in the bottom: "ESS
[S(S+6) starting data directory? ~/tmp/"
I hit return (or change it to /usr/local), I get "searching for program: no
such file or directory, Splus6."
Kevin Hou
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   From: "Hou, Kevin" <Kevin_Hou at>
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   I tried to make ess-5.1.19 to work for splus6 for Linux and I am having a
   great deal of trouble.
   Every time it tells me can not find Splus6 (Splus6: no such file or
   directory). Here is what I have done in editing lisp/ess-site.el. Please

Put this

(setq inferior-S+6-program-name "Splus")

in your .emacs init file.


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