Help for ESS for Splus6 in Linux

Hou, Kevin Kevin_Hou at
Wed Aug 15 00:55:26 CEST 2001

I tried to make ess-5.1.19 to work for splus6 for Linux and I am having a
great deal of trouble.
Every time it tells me can not find Splus6 (Splus6: no such file or
directory). Here is what I have done in editing lisp/ess-site.el. Please
1) I uncommented the line (setq ess-local-custom=avilable t) and the
follwing four lines as instructed 
2) Changed S+5 to S+6 
3) I issued make and make install commends
4) I added (load "/usr/local/ess-5.1.19/lisp/ess-site") in the .emacs file.
I am not an unix (Linux) expert so please help me.
Thank you very much in advance.
Kevin Hou
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Martin Maechler writes:
 > The real reason I didn't answer David Kane's request
 > (I was about to say ``yeah, I can do that quickly if you want''):
 > As I looked again at the ESS (not R!) manual, I realized how badly
 > out-of-date it is, and I think it should rather be whipped into shape
 > before releasing  the nice dvi/ps/pdf version of it (that people really
 > would be tempted to print out and actually read...).

Since, ESS 5.1.19 has been released, with a slightly improved manual,
and several people have asked for a printable version,...
It was easy enough and someone promised bug reports about typos...,
and hence go and crash our http server (:-); you find now both the online
(HTML) version and a two "print" versions (PDF and Compressed PostScript)
at .

Note that ESS is an Emacs tool, and real Emacs fans should use Emacs info
(C-h i) and make sure that they have the ESS manual (the doc/*
files) installed in the Emacs info directory tree! I find that emacs info
(and using "s" for regexp.searching in an info manual) is the most
efficient way of finding things for me.

Apropos typos reporting etc: Please note that all these versions of the ESS
manual are produced from doc/ess.texi (and a few *.texi files included by
ess.texi), and if you really want to help us, you'd send patches against
these *.texi files.

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