ESS 5.1.19 -- released

Martin Maechler maechler at
Fri Aug 10 16:13:16 CEST 2001

I've rolled up the release of ESS 5.1.19; i.e.
you can download a compressed tar or a zip file from

It has been overdue for months in the eyes of all of us from the ESS
Development team; and still we added and fixed and ...

The README / ANNOUNCE files have stated for quite a while that the
ESS 5.1.x versions are all beta versions, and hence here you have... ;-)

Main Benefits :

o  S-plus 6.0 is supported and works for Unix; and works `with some help from
   your friends' for Windows.

o  New BUGS suppors; much enhanced SAS support; quite a bit of code cleanup...

o  is a bit better than it was ... :-)

Bug fixes (a typo in the doc is a bug) are very welcome! 
   (mailto:ESS-bugs at

Martin Maechler <maechler at>
Seminar fuer Statistik, ETH-Zentrum  LEO D10	Leonhardstr. 27
ETH (Federal Inst. Technology)	8092 Zurich	SWITZERLAND
phone: x-41-1-632-3408		fax: ...-1228			<><


Here is the beginning of the official ANNOUNCE file (part of the download):


Annoucing the release of ESS-5.1.19 (Emacs Speaks Statistics).

   ESS is an Emacs package which provides a standard interface between
statistical programs and statistical processes.  It is intended to
provide assistance for interactive statistical programming and data
analysis, and was is based on and extends the capabilities of S-mode.

   The code is freely available but is not in the public domain.  It is
distributed under the GNU GPL.  Please read the file COPYING which comes
with the distribution, for more information about the license.

   For more detailed information about ESS's abilities, please read the
file README with the distribution.

   And to help remove any further confusion:

   	The name is __ESS__.  Not ESS-mode.

   Thank you :-).

New Features

   Changes/New Features in 5.1.19:
   * S+6 now supported (Tony Rossini)

   * New BUGS support through ESS[BUGS] mode (Rodney Sparapani)
     Templates assist you in writing .bug and .cmd code (.cmd and .log
         are replaced by .bmd and .bog to avoid emacs extension
     collisions).        "Substitution" parameters facilitate
     "automagic" generation of       "" and ""
     filenames, "const N=" from your data       file and
     "monitor()/stats()" commands.  Activated by pressing F12.

   * Fixes for `ess-smart-underscore' SAS breakage (Rich Heiberger)

   * You can change between PC and Unix, local and global SAS
     function-key       definitions interactively (Rich Heiberger)

   * C-Submit a highlighted region to SAS batch (Rodney Sparapani)

   * New and improved SAS syntax highlighting (Rodney Sparapani)
     To get the new functionality, set ess-sas-run-make-regexp to nil.
          Also available in .log files via F10.

   * Open a permanent SAS dataset for viewing via F9 (Rodney Sparapani)
          You must have the library defined in for it to

   * User-friendly defaults for `sas-program',
     `ess-sas-batch-pre-command'       and `ess-sas-batch-post-command'
     as well Customize support for these       and other ESS[SAS]
     variables (Rodney Sparapani)

   * `ess-sas-suffix-2' now defaults to .dat via F11 (Rodney Sparapani)

   * Emacs/XEmacs, Unix/Windows issues collectively handled in

   * defadvice solves problem of missing *ESS* (thanks to Jeff Mincy)

   * Improved manual a bit by including things that were only in

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