installing under win2k

Thomas Stockton stockton at
Fri Sep 29 19:50:03 CEST 2000

Thanks to A.J. Rossini, Rich Heiberger, and Paul Johnson for the help!

I've gotten ESS[R] running and things seem to work ok in Inferior
mode. I can run one R command at a time ala Rgui (except for help
commands e.g., ?plot). However, if I try to load a file of R commands
and run several lines Emacs seems to lock up. I'm still learning Emacs
and trying to understand how ESS works so take this with a grain of

I realize there are reports of problems with rterm in R 1.1.1, but I
can run

rterm -save <test.R > test.out

from the command prompt fine, if that makes any difference.


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>>>>> "RH" ==  <rmh at> writes:

    RH> The documentation on installation of ESS for windows is not
    RH> current.  The current version is available at
    RH> This will be in the next
    RH> release of ESS.

    RH> The short answer is you unzip the files and then * Add the
    RH> line (load "/PATH/ess-site") to your .emacs (or _emacs) file
    RH> (or default.el or site-init.el, for a site-wide installation).
    RH> Replace `/PATH' above with the value of ess-lisp-directory as
    RH> defined in ess-site.el.  Use forwardslashes "/".

    RH>    * That's it!

Except that I don't know if R 1.1.1 works under win2k...


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