Always stay at the bottom of the window?

Paul Y. Peng ypeng at
Thu Jul 27 17:09:45 CEST 2000

"Liaw, Andy" wrote:
> If I understand your problem correctly, putting something like the two lines
> below in your .emacs may help.  You might want to look them up in the help
> or the emacs manual.
> (setq scroll-conservatively 3)
> (setq scroll-margin 3)

No. They seem to have no effect on the screen.

I put my problem in this way. For example, in an S-PLUS buffer,
if you list the body of a function by entering the name of the
function and if the body has more lines than the height of the
window, the output ends with the last line of the body, cursor,
and S-PLUS prompt somewhere in the middle of the window and Emacs
leaves considerable space unused in the lower part of the window.
What I want is that when the output stops, the cursor and S-PLUS
prompt all stay at the bottom, just as what you would have if you
use S-PLUS without Emacs.

Thank you for your help, however.
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