Recall a comand in history in ESS-5.1.11 and NTEmacs 20.4.

A.J. Rossini rossini at
Mon Jul 10 19:30:45 CEST 2000

>>>>> "PYP" == Paul Y Peng <ypeng at> writes:

    PYP> I wonder how I can find the last command in history that
    PYP> began with a particular sequence of characters in an S-PLUS
    PYP> session (invoked by M-x Sqpe+4) in NTEmacs 20.4 on a Win98
    PYP> PC. From ESS - Emacs Speaks Statistics, A-M-r should do this
    PYP> job. But I don't know how to type A-M-r on my PC because Alt
    PYP> is used for M on my PC. Currently I have to use M-r and
    PYP> regular expression to do this job, which is not handy.

Are you trying to re-enter it, or find it?  (there _is_ a

    PYP> Another off-topic question: in NTEmacs, how can I highlight
    PYP> (select) using keyboard rather than mouse? I prefer something
    PYP> similar to the way in native MS-Windows applications, which
    PYP> allows me to start highlight anywhere by pressing shift (+
    PYP> Ctrl) + arrow keys and to stop anywhere. Sorry if this is a
    PYP> stupid question. I use Emacs only for S-PLUS and don't know
    PYP> very much about it.

In XEmacs, it would be zemacs-regions; with NTEmacs, maybe
transient-mark-mode?  (someone else will have to help out -- I'm going
from 2-3 year old memory here).


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