can't find ctrl d dump files

S.McClatchie s.mcclatchie at
Thu Dec 21 00:59:48 CET 2000


I am using ESS 5.1.18 with emacs 20.4 and R 1020. I am having some 
trouble getting the file dumping to work with the scripts in the 
subdirectories where I start R. 

If my startup directory for R is called
I create 2 subdirectories
The .rdata and .Rhistory files go in work.
I put the scripts to dump into .Src.
The problem is that ESS does not seem to find the source files. The 
directory setup in my ~/.emacs file is as follows:

(setq-default inferior-R-program-name "C:/Program Files/R 
environment/rw1020/bin/Rterm.exe") ; smcc

;(setq ess-ask-for-ess-directory nil) 
(setq ess-ask-for-ess-directory t) ; smcc

(setq ess-execute-in-process-buffer t)
(make-local-variable 'comment-indent-function)
(setq-default comment-indent-function 'ess-comment-indent)

; added from
(setq ess-source-directory
   (lambda ()
       (expand-file-name (concat
                           (car ess-search-list)
; end addition

Are you able to see an error in my setup from this information?



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