still cant start ESS process with ESS-SAS

Christopher Fonnesbeck chrisf at
Fri Dec 15 22:07:24 CET 2000

Yes, it launches from the shell without a problem ...


On December 15, 2000 04:01 pm, A.J. Rossini wrote:
> >>>>> "CF" == Christopher Fonnesbeck <chrisf at> writes:
>     CF> Thanks for the help.  SAS is on my path, becasue I can launch
>     CF> it from any terminal in any directory.  BTW, I neither have a
>     CF> .sas or .emacs in my directory.  ESS seems to load fine, just
>     CF> getting a process going seems to be a problem.
> Can you launch it from within an Emacs shell window?
> (i.e. M-x shell).
> best,
> -tony

The documentation is in Japanese.  Good luck.
	-- Rich $alz
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