ESS Installation on Windows NT (Xemacs)

Kaspar Pflugshaupt pflugshaupt at
Tue Dec 12 19:00:30 CET 2000


I've just installed Xemacs (current version) under Win NT 4.0, and I would
like to install ESS (in fact, that was my whole purpose of getting Xemacs).
The installation instructions (in the README file) tell me to use make; make
install. Does this mean that I have to install all the GNU utilities first?
Or is there another way (such as copying the files by hand into the
xemacs.packages directory)? I'd rather get by without more installations
than necessary (and setting of PATHs or the like... I don't mind these under
Linux, but I'd rather leave NT alone).

What would be the "least painful" way of getting ESS installed on my system?

Cheers & thanks for any advice

Kaspar Pflugshaupt


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