Is database or data-table mode for emacs?

A.J. Rossini rossini at
Wed Aug 16 16:29:33 CEST 2000

>>>>> "LMM" == Loren M McCarter <lorenmc at> writes:

    LMM> I have a question about a problem that the ess might have
    LMM> experienced. After manipulating a table in SAS or R, I like
    LMM> to "view" the table. In R, my tables are usually not that
    LMM> wide and I can view them in the buffer. In SAS, however, my
    LMM> tables are often quite wide and I'd like to view them in wide
    LMM> table mode.  Is there is a "database mode" or "data table
    LMM> mode" for emacs?

There is a spreadsheet mode for emacs which uses S-PLUS for the
underlying calculations (which makes it quite intriguing).  Since Rich
Heiberger wrote the initial version, it's on the "list of things to
do", to merge with ESS (and/or make it compatible with R).

Frank Ritter mentioned dismal, which I used eons ago, and worked
nicely.  I would suggest that for a first pass.


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